venerdì 3 maggio 2013


HI people,

this is my own replica of the amazing spiderman suit, I made it with blu and red lycra, color spray, puff paint (for webbing and honeycomb) and plastic.

It was very hard to make it and it takes me like 6 months for finish this suit, I made another one with more details as you can see (last pics)

here's a little tutorial


let's begin with the chest spider, I just cut the spider from a plastic paper (same for the back spider)

 then I bought some gloves and I colored it and applied honeycomb and puff paint

this is the model for the mask, mask is red lycra and I need this for making shadows with a color spray

the finished mask, with details and eyes, the frames are plastic

here there're all the honeycomb with puff paint for the pants (lot of work..)

the shirt is ready after colored with color spray, applied honeycomb and webbing and front/chest spider

here's another pics of the mask before sewn it ( the eyes aren't was just to see how it will looks like)

spaces for shoes ( I didn't found asiscs )

final result mark 1 amazing spiderman :)

and here's the second suit I made (lot better) I'll make another post about this suit soon ;)

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  1. ecco come si fa un costume di spyderman in casa anche se le scarpe io avrei fatto in modo che non si vedessero ma,anche il costume di goku lai fatto tu,perche non fai un tutorial e lo posti qui